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Highland Housing Fair Competition

On 5th June 2007 Andrew Black Design was announced as the winner of the 'Affordable Housing' Plot at the Highland Housing Fair Competition. More information can be found out about the HHF here

The competition is part of the Six Cities Design Festival. More information can be found here:

In response to site analysis, the house has been divided into two distinct zones: services to the north and public side, and social spaces to the southerly private aspects. However, a relationship still exists with the village green through visual and physical links i.e. summer door, slot windows and seated entrance area.

There is a comprehensive link between the function of the building and the passive environmental gains. These ideas enhance the social dynamic within the building, providing double height over dining and spill-out space to the private garden. This provides a stimulating environment, improving the quality of social housing beyond the requirements of Housing for Varying Needs.

In order to provide a dynamic house type which meets the needs of various occupants, the design complies with the new Building Regulations (1st May 2007). It is inherantly adaptable to evolving family life and potental restricted mobility.

Given the above parameters, a successful scheme has been achieved within a modest 88m2.

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