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Ecological House, Rashiecot Den

This new build family house was developed in conjunction with the Clients over a very in-depth year. The environmental aspects of the house were researched thoroughly, while the design of the house went through various chnages to get to the final solution.

Environmentally the house is covered with a "grass living roof" while it incorporates large areas of south facing glazing and thermal stores to maximise use of the sun. High levels of insulation will be used with a heating system fuelled with willow coppice grown on site. Underfloor heating will be installed throughout the house, with a ground source heat pump and solar panels providing back up water heating.

Externally the foul water used by the house will be filtered through a reed bed system, with rainwater to be used for toilets and garden maintenance. The burn will have a electricity generator installed to make use of this free power source. The whole site will be planted with various grasses, hedges and native trees to create a parkland setting rather than a landscaped unatural setting.

Develoment on this job is going well with detailed drawings being carried out at present with a likely start on site in spring.


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