A house extension is often the most cost-effective way of creating more space for an expanding family. Moving to a new house can be expensive and a lack of local options makes this a daunting thought.

At Andrew Black Design, we excel in creating innovative solutions to problems with existing houses, whether it is reconfiguring a poor layout or extending to create more usable space. From simple kitchen extensions to large glass sun-rooms, we can enhance even the humblest house.

We can take you from concept design stage, through planning and building approvals to helping with a trusted local builder.

Seaforth Drive Extension

We advise our clients, except for the most basic of projects, to employ Andrew Black Design to carry out a full architect service from stages 1 to 10.

The services below (1-7) are generally the minimum you require from your Architect, to cover your legal responsibilities and are suitable for simpler projects for experienced clients only.

How much does it all cost?

We prefer, where we can, to provide you with a fixed cost for your project.

We have detailed below a generic proposal, based on a bespoke house extension, such as a sun-room, costing in the region of £50,000 excluding VAT.

The complexity of the design and site matters may reduce or indeed increase the fee, so please get in touch to get an accurate quote.

Note – Consultant fees and application costs are excluded and paid direct by the client.


or 12% of the build cost (ex VAT)