Self-build Homes

Most of us dream of building a Grand Design’s home, and we are experts in creating bespoke houses.

We have a portfolio of award-winning self-build houses across the country from bustling cities, to sea cliff-edges and country retreats.

Self-build Homes

We have taken many clients down the complicated path that comes with building a house, and are ideally suited to lead you through the process from concept to completion.

Our clients are at the heart of what we do, providing a friendly, approachable design service regardless of the brief, budget and timescale.

We can take you from concept design stage, through planning and building approvals, to helping with a trusted local builder. Whether you want a sleek contemporary house or a more traditional country home, we have the experience to design the right solution for you.

How we build a self-build home

We advise our clients, except for the most basic of projects, to employ us to carry out a full architect service from stages 1 to 10.

Services one to seven below are the minimum you require from your Architect, to cover your legal responsibilities and are suitable for more straightforward projects.

How much does a self-build home cost?

We prefer, where we can, to provide you with a fixed cost for your project.

We have detailed below a generic proposal, based on a bespoke detached house costing in the region of £300,000 (VAT exempt).

The complexity of the design and site matters may reduce or indeed increase the fee, so please get in touch to obtain an accurate quote.

Note – Consultant fees and application costs are excluded and paid directly by the client.


or 8% of the build cost (ex VAT)