House Alterations & Extension, Dundee

Planning approved for alterations and extension to a detached residence in Dundee’s West End

  • Size/Scale 181.6m²
  • Location Dundee
  • Client Private
  • Completion

House Alterations & Extension, Dundee

The current 1960’s property sits on a 542m² site and presents both sustainability and internal and external access issues for the client. Our proposed designs address these concerns while marrying modern aesthetics with traditional elements through a careful selection of colour and materials.

The use of modern materials reduces the maintenance requirements of the building without compromising its visual integrity. Proposed upgrades to the building fabric seek to enhance insulation and overall energy efficiency.

The design also simplifies existing access points, enhancing overall accessibility for residents, visitors and carers. By streamlining entryways and optimising pathways, the design promotes ease of movement for individuals of all abilities.

Key Features

  • Simplified access points, including raised garage and accessible driveway.
  • New mezzanine space with large gallery window.
  • Substantial south-facing windows incorporated to enhance solar gain.
  • Installation of photovoltaic (PV) roof panels, contributing to a more sustainable approach to meeting the building’s energy requirements.
  • Upgraded building fabric to enhance insulation and overall performance.
  • Contemporary materials, including low-maintenance zinc roof.