St. Andrews Brewing Co. Caird Hall, Dundee

A new venue to celebrate the best in Scottish craft beer and food in the heart of the waterfront development.

  • Size/Scale 730m²
  • Location Caird Hall, Shore Terrace, Dundee
  • Client St. Andrews Brewing Co.
  • Completion 2019

St. Andrews Brewing Co. Caird Hall, Dundee

The second successful project we have carried out for St. Andrews Brewing Co. following on from the new sports bar recently opened in St. Andrews.   Part of the regeneration of the former arcades situated in the lower level of Caird Hall.  This is the first truly new venue of the growing brand of this local brewery.

We were tasked with the challenge of creating a bar, restaurant and private dining area in the particularly large and deep floor-plan.  The design solution involved zoning the space to form an intimate restaurant area, exclusive private dining area, an ‘inside/outside’ beer garden and a craft beer bar.

The interior architecture is influenced by our clients belief in promoting the best of Scottish brands and ingredients.  Conceptually based around the Scottish philosophy of ‘Còsagach’, feeling snug, sheltered and warm.