Finding a Plot

Land and Plot Finding Services

There are now many websites that collate plots for sale, doing the work for you. Sign up and they will let you know when one comes up in your area. The following links are just some of the options;


Estate Agents & Solicitors

Use the local Solicitors Property Centre Guide. Most areas have a guide which will be in paper form and website based. They are updated regularly and often have plots for sale with outline approval.
Most Estate Agents and Solicitors will put you on their database and update you when suitable plots become available.  This sometimes gets you in before plots go to market.

There are now several web-only based Estate Agents who will list land, not in the local property centres.


Existing Developments

Don’t be afraid to contact the developer of existing housing developments, as they often are open to selling off remaining plots to fund new projects or just minimise their current exposure.

These can be worth a little extra money as you may be able to tap into their service connections and permissions.


Know your Target Area

Get out of the car and have a look around. Speak to the locals and identify sites that may be available and ask. Ordnance Survey maps are great for getting a Bird’s-eye view, as is Google Earth, and you can target plots that others might not see.