Stage 2

Building Warrants and technical approvals.


  • Preparation of detailed building warrant drawings.
  • Structural engineering of timber kit.
  • Structural engineering of non-timber elements such as foundations and lintols.
  • SER certificate to accompany building warrant application included.
  • SAP calculations and Section 6 Design Certificate to accompany warrant application.


  • Detailed working drawings including foundation and drainage plans. Detailed floor plans, construction sections, elevations and site plans. We also provide large-scale construction details.
  • Structural Engineers’ detailed drawings and SER certificate to accompany the application. This includes non-timber items such as foundations and external lintols. Site investigation by Engineer.
  • Drainage design including septic tank and soakaway design or sewer connection if required.
  • SAP calculations to accompany warrant application.
  • Building warrant application to local authority including administration and warrant fee (approx. £1250).


Due to the nature of drainage connections and local authority, Scottish Water and Scottish Ecological Protection Agency regulations, the above costs include for a basic drainage design. Non-standard or complicated connections, involving discharge to water or similar, may incur further costs.

All sites have different ground conditions and, as such, the cost allowed for foundation design is based on a flat site, with normal load bearing ground at a level of 600mm below existing ground level. Sloping sites and difficult ground may incur additional design costs, but this would be given to you in writing at the site investigation stage to avoid any surprises.

Changes to the design will mean changes to the building warrant drawings and sometimes the structure. As such we may need to charge an additional cost to cover the redrawing and structural changes by our Engineer.

If you or your builder change the design or construction during the build, you may need to apply for an Amendment to Warrant to the local authority. You will require to do this prior to applying for the Completion Certificate. This is not included in the Stage 2 costs and we will require to charge an additional fee for this work if required.


If you have any questions about what is involved in a Fixed Cost Self-build Home, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.