Aberfeldy Town Hall, Flats Refurbishment

Supporting Locus Breadalbane Ltd and the Communities Housing Trust with their proposals to develop two flats for affordable rent within the grade B listed Aberfeldy Town Hall

  • Size/Scale 2nr first floor flats
  • Location Aberfeldy
  • Client Locus Breadalbane Ltd
  • Completion

Aberfeldy Town Hall, Flats Refurbishment

The proposed works involve the full refurbishment of two existing first floor flats to the rear of Aberfeldy Town Hall. The flats have fallen into a severe state of disrepair and require to be upgraded for modern use while addressing structural concerns.

The town hall has been owned and operated by community-led organisation, Locus Breadalbane ltd, since 2014. The project is being facilitated by the Community Housing Trust who are obtaining funding from various sources, including the Architectural Heritage Fund and Rural Housing Fund, in order to upgrade the flats to modern standards in terms of services, layout, thermal efficiency and construction methods. The two flats will then be let for affordable rent.

The designs have been developed to take account of current Building Regulations, as well as being cognisant of the guidance in Housing for Varying Needs wherever possible.

The refurbishment maintains the character and aesthetic of the existing building both internally and externally and will ensure longevity of use.