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Function Suite and Wedding Venue | Andrew Black Design

Function Suite and Wedding Venue

Proposed Function Suite and Wedding Venue extension to an historic country house hotel in Angus

  • Size/Scale 758m²
  • Location Angus, Scotland
  • Client
  • Completion 2020

Function Suite and Wedding Venue

The proposed extension consists of two simple volumes which reflect the use of the proposed building, with a function suite in the southern part of the extension, and the spa to the north.

The extension is set well back behind the main elevation of the existing house and is partially hidden by the existing sandstone garden walls and the mature trees on the south lawn. It is designed to be as unobtrusive as possible and to defer to the original building.

In its proportions the extension refers to traditional vernacular architecture in Scotland, domestic and functional buildings, such as simple cottages, byres, and cart sheds, and outbuildings. These buildings typically have shallow floor plans, wide frontages, and 45-degree roof pitches. It is proposed to reinterpret vernacular traditions in a modern idiom, reflecting the modern methods of construction of our time.

The extensive glazing proposed elsewhere creates a direct visual link from the inside to the attractive grounds outside, and when seen from the outside reflects the setting, changing constantly as an observer walks around the building. It is delicate and a translucent, and contrasts well with solid sandstone elevation of the house.